The center of innovation in Iceland


The center of innovation
in Iceland

A unique location complete with green energy and smooth data transfer.
Close to the international airport, untouched nature and an active cultural scene.

A bridge between two worlds

Ásbrú Enterprise Park is located next to Keflavik International Airport, midway between Europe and North-America. This convenient location is ideal for companies looking to create a stepping stone to new markets. The possibilities of the Ásbrú area are endless, with excellent buildings and properties available as well as plenty of space for new constructions and great ideas.

Ásbrú combines the advantages Iceland has to offer on a global level. For years, Iceland has been leading in the use of green energy and Ásbrú is no exception. The level of education in Iceland is high and Icelanders are generally considered among the most technologically advanced nations of the world. This is all enhanced by the country's spectacular nature and powerful culture.

Up until 2006 Ásbrú was a United States NATO military base and, as that, home to 6.000 people. When the base was closed the area was re-invented, making use of existing buildings and infrastructure. Education and innovation were guidelines for the reconstruction of Ásbrú, focusing on a strong connection with businesses and the economy. The reinvention of the area has been called the biggest recycling project in the history of Iceland, and now, Ásbrú is a progressive community of innovation, science and education.
Make your ideas come to life at Ásbrú!

Kadeco is a developing company for Keflavik Airport. It specializes in real estate and business development and thereby supports projects that increase the competitiveness of companies in the area. Kadeco also promotes projects that reinforce the entrepreneurial culture of Reykjanes.


Kadeco's main focus has always been on entrepreneurship at Ásbrú. One of the first projects Kadeco took part in was the founding of Keilir, an educational institution owned by Icelandic universities, companies and public organizations. Students at Keilir get a quality education with an emphasis on innovative teaching methods and first-class facilities. Since Keilir was founded, Ásbrú has become a bustling student community and many innovation projects have developed from ambitious school projects at Keilir. Keilir brings together business, industry, academia and entrepreneurs, and offers companies and start-ups great facilities and support to implement innovative ideas.


Ásbrú offers a variety of properties and housing for rent or sale. Take a look at our newly renovated residential and industrial buildings. Ásbrú also offers specially modified buildings from the times of the military base, for example one of the hangars now houses a complete filming studio. A large portion of Ásbrú's land is available for further development.

Green energy

The managers of Verne Global chose Ásbrú because of three key elements; ample and secure energy, an effective transportation network and sustainable energy sources.

Geosilica is an Icelandic start-up company that began as a student project at Keilir educational institution. The company produces high quality silica health products.

The biotech company Algalif operates a micro algae plant at Ásbrú. The high-grade micro algae is then used in the nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Easy data transfer

Ásbrú offers first class data transfer capacity and security. Four data centers have already been established at Ásbrú, including the international data center Verne Global. Ásbrú provides plenty of stable energy, a powerful transportation network and renewable energy, making it the ideal location for data centers. The data centers are specially designed to utilize wind chill and are all powered with green, sustainable energy.

Keflavik Airport

Keflavik International Airport is located just 10-15 minutes from Ásbrú. The Keflavik Airport is not only an important transportation hub, it was chosen the best airport in Europe 2014 by Airports Council International. The proximity to the airport is of tremendous value for companies located at Ásbrú.


Iceland's magnificent nature is undeniably unique, and the surroundings of Ásbrú are no exception. Geothermal areas with hot springs and steam vents, majestic mountains and calm lakes, lava fields, famous bird cliffs and black sand beaches. Reykjanes peninsula is home to extraordinary geological formations and is an established Geopark. The most famous landmark of the area is probably the Blue Lagoon.


Reykjanesbær has a truly thriving cultural scene with many exciting events to offer. The bustling city of Reykjavík is then only a 40 minutes' drive away, where a whole different range of culture and history can be enjoyed.

Iceland is known for its diverse and dynamic cultural scene, whether it is theatre and dance or art and architecture. The country is probably most famous for its unique place in the world of music. The number of music festivals and world renown artists originating from Iceland continue to impress all over the world.